About the Course

The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) is an annual individual and team competition in the Natural Sciences for students who are under sixteen years old on 31st December of the competition year. IJSO has been established in recognition of the significance of the Natural Sciences in the general education of young people and in all aspects of their lives. It is a purely educational event. IJSO aims to promote interest in science among school students, exposing them to problem solving, critical thinking and experimentation. Over the years IJSO aims to positively impact science and mathematics education at school level.
The academic competitions of the IJSO includes challenging tests in topics of science, both as theory questions and practical tasks. The tests are designed to address students' understanding of concepts, and their ability to apply concepts to the situations described in the tests. An important aim of the Olympiads is for young people to experience different cultures and to bring about interactions between students from across the world. The Olympiads thus have a potential to promote global peace and understanding.

It aims to promote and reward the students in pursuit of excellence in science.

It challenges and encourage students to further develop their talent in science.

To enhance and develop international contacts in the Natural Science.

To promote future scientific collaboration.

To offer the opportunity to compare the syllabus and educational trends in science education within the participating countries.

To encourage the formation of friendships within the scientific community.


Learning Plan

Pioneer Education support you in the preparation of Junior Science Olympiad by providing the relevant study material, online tests series, I.Q. sharpeners, tips & tricks, booklets etc.
We here provide you the best environment for the preparation of Junior Science Olympiads which ensures the high chances of getting success. The booklets designed by our faculties enhance the students inner depth of understanding.
While preparing for the Olympiads we suggest students to go through the complete NCERT and NCERT Exemplar books of 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th classes and collect all the result at one place, then apply them on some good and quality problems. Don’t try to jump the tougher problems by saying that you are preparing for Olympiad, instead increase the level of problem gradually.

We here at Pioneer Education:
(a) Provides the students best guidance from our Science experts.
(b) Focus on the special results & formulas topic-wise.
(c) Makes them solve booklets exclusively prepared by our teachers.

Class Venue

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